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Bit of Happy #34: It’s The Little Things In Life.

29 Oct

A photograph I took today by my house as the sun was setting.

“I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.”
-John Burroughs

I found this quote today actually – on Lee-Ann’s blog, Quote-o-holic. On a side note, you should definitely check her site out when you get a chance. It has a lot of good, inspirational quotes with some great images! I know I will certainly be visiting her blog again in the future for more Bits of Happy.

Anyway, I was looking for a quote that really emphasized on appreciating the little things in life, and Burroughs seems to do a pretty good job. He recognizes that life is short, and there’s no way around it. So, what’s the best you can do? Do all of the things you love and more. Fill your days with productive activities and meaningful conversation. Don’t be afraid to get to know people and allow them into your life in return. Think. Walk. Learn. Grow. Get involved. If that’s intimidating, take baby steps. You gotta’ start somewhere.

I often find myself feeling as though life is flying by. I’m already almost twenty-two! And there’s so much I have that I still want to do. Some things that’ll take time. Some thing that could take a few hours or a few days. Some thing I have to wait until the time is right. But as each day passes, I try to appreciate the little things in life, cherish the things I’ve accomplished and strive to make time for the things I dream of one day doing. Life is all in what you make it. And just as this quote says, once your time is up, that’s all you can do. So get in as many thoughts as you can think, as many walks as you can take, as many books as you can read and as many friends as you can see.

And speaking of it being the little things in life that end up meaning the most (and in light of the holiday)… I absolutely love carving pumpkins! Below is a video of probably the best pumpkin I’ll ever carve. The video was actually for one of my college classes (with the help of one of my friends). But with Halloween right around the corner and the fact that I don’t post on Sundays, I thought I’d put a little Halloween spirit on my blog today.

So Happy Friday! Happy Halloween! Be safe and savor those chocolate candies – it’s the little things in life. 😉

Probably the best pumpkin I’ll ever carve!


Bit of Happy #33: Question the Wonders of Life

28 Oct

“A person who asks a question is a fool for five minutes. A person who doesn’t ask is a fool forever.”
-Chinese Proverb

When I first came across this quote, I was in college and felt inspired to always keep this in mind, especially when curiosity found me. Actually, even now, it applies to my life – up until the day I die. You never have to choose to stop learning or growing. In fact, I like to picture myself as a sponge constantly soaking up new information – whether it be about others, how things work, or better yet, let’s say just all the wonders of the world around me. Nothing ceases to amaze me. No matter what it is. From things about the human body to building a wooden shelf on my own to developing photographs in a darkroom to finding out who I am and who I want to be – it’s a never ending list. Trust me! Everything about life inspires me to learn more about my surroundings and myself. Even the hardships and struggle. Especially the hardships and struggle. It shows what you’re made of. Shows your strength.

Learning and growing from knowledge is more important to me than appearing unintelligent in that particular moment. Someone who questions the surrounding world finds answers. Becomes wise. Those who are blind to the answers to their questions and forever wonder will also be forever ignorant.

So, I’m encouraging you to question. Why are things the way they are? Be curious. What will happen if I take this chance? Get out there and experience! Nothing is better than learning through doing in my opinion at least.

(Oh, and P.S. I don’t really like how the quote calls people “fools” for not questioning the world around them. I try to look past that and see the more prevalent meaning behind the words.)

Bit of Happy #32: Carry Him With You

27 Oct

Khristine stumbled upon this quote while reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks. She felt it could shed some spiritual light on my blog and personally found it optimistic in a time of hardship. Khristine did an AMAZING job sharing the following story with me and now, with all of the readers of Little Bits of Happy. It’s heart-felt, enlightening and reflective on how life can seem to be falling apart in the moment, but all you need is a little faith and guidance to find comfort in the truth – that there’s always room for opportunity in life. So here it is, and a special thanks goes out to Khristine for taking the time to share this. THANK YOUUUU!

Photograph submitted by Khristine, VA (Two.Toned)

“There’s one story behind this, and it’s quite interesting. I do not consider myself to be a very religious person and do not attend church every Sunday, but I do have strong faith in God. When my ex-boyfriend, Dave, ended our 3-year relationship only to find out he replaced me with one of my friends a few days later, I was devastated. I felt betrayed – not only by my boyfriend, but also by my friend who I was there for whenever she needed me. I didn’t know how to move on, and I was confused. It was a time when I just wanted to get away. In search of guidance, I found myself in front of my church. It was empty inside. No one was there. I sat on one of the pews and looked up at Christ’s body hanging on the cross. I burst into tears.

Being in that quiet church, I felt more connected with God. I usually find myself crying because of how painful it can be to live. I questioned Him: Why do bad things happen? I wanted to know why I was being forced to let go of people. I couldn’t see or hear him, but I felt him right next to me, listening quietly. In my head, I asked God: Why did it end like this? What did I do to deserve this? I am confused. Tell me what to do. Show me the right path. Please, God help me. I need help. I’m begging you. I know I don’t attend church as much as I should, but please, I need you.

I didn’t get my answers that day. Not the next day either. But after about six months, I was having the best time of my life. I found the answers to all of the questions I asked Him on that day at church – not right away and not all at once, but slowly and in many ways. I literally had to let go and allow Him to guide me to the right path. After six months, I fell in love with a guy who treated me like a queen, who swept me off my feet. I was truly lucky! God listens, and it is up to us to reach out and take His hand. His intentions will always be what is best for us.”


Did you find Khristine’s quote and story inspirational? You can find more of her thoughts on life on her personal blog, Two.Toned.

Bit of Happy #31: Cherish, Dream, Live.

26 Oct

“Cherish yesterday.
Dream tomorrow.
Live today.”
-Richard Bach

Alright, well… I was PLANNING on writing a quality post in tonight, but because of the lovely amounts of traffic I hit on the way home, the whirlwind of making dinner and the fact that I’m meeting a friend for drinks tonight at 7:30, I have absolutely no time to do that.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy today’s quote. I’m sorry that’s all I have time for today. And unfortunately, tomorrow might night be much better (helping a friend with some design homework after work).

Bit of Happy #30: Impossible, Is Nothing

25 Oct

“Impossible, is nothing.”

A great quote for a Monday!  …full of optimism to help everyone get through the week. And hey, if you’re reading this right now, you’re already one day down! I loved this quote when I found it, and even though Adidas probably directed this towards their athletes, I found it perfectly relatable to life in general and to everyone.

I like to believe that nothing is impossible, or impossible, is nothing. I like to believe there are endless possibilities and opportunities in life. When one door closes, another always opens – even if it’s just slightly ajar. Even if you have to go searching for it first. It’s always there. Only a closed mind and heart will keep you from finding opportunities. Soooo, there’s only one thing to do…

…and I know you know EXACTLY what that is! So, just do it!

(Oh right, that’s Nike.)

Do you find this quote inspiring and relatable to life outside of sports as well?

Bit of Happy #29: Advice For Life

22 Oct

Taken in Philadelphia outside of the Marriott Hotel.

“The best way to prepare for life is to begin to live.”
-Eliot Hubbard

Happy Friday everyone! Thanks to all of you who have been reading and commenting this week. It has truly been the sunshine in my week. I hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend!


Bit of Happy #28: A Bit Of Hope

21 Oct

“Some days, there won’t be a song in your heart. Sing anyway.”
-Emory Austin

At the beginning of October, I was working on a Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign at work, and it had me thinking that I should dedicate a special entry to all of those who have had to endure the hardship of breast cancer – whether it was a friend, family member, or you. Cancer is a scary thing. In moments, your world can be turned upside down, and before you know it, you could very well be fighting for your life, or helping a loved one fight for theirs.

It has been over a year now since my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, it was caught at an early stage, and she is now in remission. But I’ll never – not for one second – forget that sickening feeling wash over my entire body when I found out…

A few weeks prior, my mom told me she went to have a mammogram and that the results came back unclear, so she had to go back for more testing. She said it was probably nothing to worry about and that it has happened to her before, but she just wanted me to know. I felt a pang of worry, but in the coming weeks while waiting for the new results, the worry faded away.

One night, she came over to my dorm apartment (I was still in college at the time) to drop off a few things, and she came in and sat down on my bed. I was chatting away, putting away clothes that I’d just gotten out of the dryer – not really paying any attention. But as I was hanging something in my closet, all of a sudden, it hit me. I dropped whatever was in my hands in that moment and turned to look at her. I could suddenly sense all of her fear, all of her sadness, all of her anxiety. Neither of us said a word. There was no need to. The room, in a matter of moments, felt heavy and dark. Hopeless. We just looked at each other as our eyes filled with tears. I didn’t even realize the steps I’d taken to close the gap between us. I still don’t know if I held her, or if she held me.

Seeing that fleck of terror in her eyes, even if only for a few moments, I felt all of my walls begin to tumble down. My mom has always been strong, courageous and incredibly positive. Even the slightest possibility of living the rest of my life without my mother, my support, my everything… it was a daunting concept to even allow pass through my mind. What would I do without her? It was one of the most terrifying moments in my life. I felt completely and utterly helpless.

And it was that very feeling that not only me, but so many of us have had to endure because of breast cancer, some other type of illness or just any situation leading to the realization that, I or someone I love could die from this. But just like this quote, some days aren’t happy ones, some days you wonder if you have anything left to give, some days you have no hope left for a bright future. And it is those days that this quote is asking you to sing anyway, find the strength anyway, give anyway, hope anyway… Fight. Until your last breath, sing even without the song in your heart.

So, here’s to Breast Cancer Awareness Month and finding the cure to save future generations. Here’s to all of the survivors and families who have beat breast cancer. Here’s to all of the donations and charity events going towards finding a cure. And most importantly, I mean this with my entire heart, here’s to those who have suffered loss to breast cancer. May you always keep them safe in your heart and mind and live your lives as full as possible – just as they would have wanted.

Share your story.

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