Bit of Happy #30: Impossible, Is Nothing

25 Oct

“Impossible, is nothing.”

A great quote for a Monday!  …full of optimism to help everyone get through the week. And hey, if you’re reading this right now, you’re already one day down! I loved this quote when I found it, and even though Adidas probably directed this towards their athletes, I found it perfectly relatable to life in general and to everyone.

I like to believe that nothing is impossible, or impossible, is nothing. I like to believe there are endless possibilities and opportunities in life. When one door closes, another always opens – even if it’s just slightly ajar. Even if you have to go searching for it first. It’s always there. Only a closed mind and heart will keep you from finding opportunities. Soooo, there’s only one thing to do…

…and I know you know EXACTLY what that is! So, just do it!

(Oh right, that’s Nike.)

Do you find this quote inspiring and relatable to life outside of sports as well?


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