Bit of Happy #33: Question the Wonders of Life

28 Oct

“A person who asks a question is a fool for five minutes. A person who doesn’t ask is a fool forever.”
-Chinese Proverb

When I first came across this quote, I was in college and felt inspired to always keep this in mind, especially when curiosity found me. Actually, even now, it applies to my life – up until the day I die. You never have to choose to stop learning or growing. In fact, I like to picture myself as a sponge constantly soaking up new information – whether it be about others, how things work, or better yet, let’s say just all the wonders of the world around me. Nothing ceases to amaze me. No matter what it is. From things about the human body to building a wooden shelf on my own to developing photographs in a darkroom to finding out who I am and who I want to be – it’s a never ending list. Trust me! Everything about life inspires me to learn more about my surroundings and myself. Even the hardships and struggle. Especially the hardships and struggle. It shows what you’re made of. Shows your strength.

Learning and growing from knowledge is more important to me than appearing unintelligent in that particular moment. Someone who questions the surrounding world finds answers. Becomes wise. Those who are blind to the answers to their questions and forever wonder will also be forever ignorant.

So, I’m encouraging you to question. Why are things the way they are? Be curious. What will happen if I take this chance? Get out there and experience! Nothing is better than learning through doing in my opinion at least.

(Oh, and P.S. I don’t really like how the quote calls people “fools” for not questioning the world around them. I try to look past that and see the more prevalent meaning behind the words.)

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