Bit of Happy #42: Let It Shine

10 Nov

Tracy, a coworker of mine, was nice enough to share one of her many favorite quotes with us. There are different versions of this quote, so I went with the one she submitted to me by Nelson Mandela. Tracy is an outgoing, full-of-life and passionate mother who is looking to ‘recycle her twenties’ – meaning going out there and living the experiences that she hasn’t gotten around to experiencing. From learning a new language to gambling in Vegas, you can follow Tracy on her amazing journey through her new blog, The Tracy Experiment. It’s a new beginning for her, a fresh start, a new chapter on life that she has yet to write. Travel with her through every step of the way in a fun loving and adventurous writing style. Don’t miss out on this great read!

The morning sun melting away the night’s frost.

Interestingly enough, I’d come across this quote one night while watching the tail end of ‘Coach Carter.’ I was so intrigued by this quote that I Googled it after the movie ended. I think that’s where the different versions come into play. Regardless, the meaning still shines through like sun’s rays slicing through evening clouds. And that is this…

Everyone is different. An individual. Two people may certainly be alike, but never identical. And because of this individuality, we each have different strengths – powers beyond measure. You are your biggest threat to reaching success. Your fears are your biggest doubt keeping you from enlightenment. Only you hold yourself back. And with this knowledge, what now will you do?

Shine! That’s what you’ll do. Shine with all your might. All your strength. Let all of your talents break through the clouds and shine on everyone around you. Don’t hide who you are. Take pride in your strengths and use them to serve the world around you. Your determination to be the best person you can be will not place condescending shadows on others, but instead will encourage them to do the same – shine! If the whole world brought out the best in others and in return, themselves, think where we could be today…

Powerful beyond measure.

2 Responses to “Bit of Happy #42: Let It Shine”

  1. Ado Bajic November 11, 2010 at 11:06 am #

    I heard this quote while watching the same movie and it indeed intrigued me as well, nice of you to share it…and keep writing, I’m enjoying it more and more 🙂

    • Stephanie Frances November 12, 2010 at 7:47 pm #

      Thank you for all of your kind words!
      It’s nice to know someone out there reads the things I write – AND LIKES IT! 😀

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