Bit of Happy #46: Learn Something New Every Day

16 Nov

It’s fall! So beautiful. Back road by my house.

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.”
-Vernon Howard

If there’s something I’m more passionate about than learning, I surely have yet to find it. I absolutely adore this quote, because I try to have this exact mindset as I go through each day of my life. Curious. Full of wonder. Ready to find answers to questions about the world surrounding me. I love nothing more than learning – learning by experience or otherwise – reading, writing, listening to others, etc.

Anyway, I came across this quote earlier today, and later when I went to my grandmother’s for dinner, this value of mine was put into question. Even though I consider myself very inquisitive in nature, I still find moments when my mind has remained blind to various facts of life. Some simple. Some with greater magnitude.

How did I come to this realization? Well, surprisingly enough, a simple Snapple bottle showed me that I constantly need to remind myself to open my mind. As I took the first sip of the cool, tangy liquid, I found my eyes wandering to the inside of the Snapple top.

“Have you ever wondered what the plastic tips on the ends of shoes laces are?”

I realized I hadn’t any idea. Something so simple. Something I’ve come into contact with. Something I’ve touched, played with, and even pulled off some of my laces as a kid, I had no idea what the name for it was. Not a clue. What was it to me? Well, it was the little plastic part that kept your laces from fraying. How could I go so long without ever questioning what it was? Not once. Well, I’m sure you’re now dying to know the answer (unless you already knew, in which case, GO YOU!)…

Underneath the question was the word: “Aglets.”

Never have I heard that word. Never in my life. I shared it with my family, and they didn’t know either. But not knowing isn’t necessarily what is important. It’s this…

Open your mind. Walk through life with a willingness to learn everything and anything you can. Be curious. Strive to learn at least one new thing each and every day. I know you can do it! I have faith!

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