Bit of Happy #80: Winding Road

3 Jan

Beautiful song, beautiful lyrics. Bonnie Somerville does an incredible job at bringing life to these meaningful words in ‘Winding Road.’ The first time I heard this song was while watching Garden State. Though it has been years since I last saw that movie, the song is something I revisit often. It encourages me to always have hope. A hope and drive to find where I belong.

Here are some of my favorite lyrics of the song:

“And it’s a winding road.
I’ve been walking for a long time.
I still don’t know,
Where it goes.

And it’s a long way home.
I’ve been searching for a long time.
I still have hope,
I’m gonna find my way home.”

Recognizing that life isn’t always easy, a winding road, Somerville makes it pretty clear that uncertainties and longing may always exist in life – that is, until you can find where you belong. Until you find your way home. And wherever it is that you find your happiness, cherish it. Love it. Nourish it. And with your efforts, watch it begin to flourish.

Home is never something achievable, but rather, a work in progress. Happiness comes in growth and learning. It is encouraged through love and affection. It develops in collaboration and bonding. If you stray away from home, from what makes you happy… If you fail to nurture it and provide it with love… then it too shall fade.

But if you dress your home in health and prosperity, it shall bring you all the happiness in the world. Despite the fact that this song focuses mainly on the search for happiness, I find myself thinking ahead to once you find where you belong then what? And that’s where all of my above thoughts come from.

Though I certainly look to this song when I’m looking for a little encouragement in my search to fill in the places where happiness does not yet exist. I keep in mind that the search requires patience, perseverance and sincerity. And through those qualities, I can only hope that one day the places that were once empty will be overflowing with the happiness I’d been searching for. And once I find where I belong, may I learn to never take that happiness for granted a day in my life.

So take a moment to listen to ‘Winding Road,’ and let me know what you think!

Happy Monday!


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