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Bit of Happy #116: You-ER than YOU!

8 Mar

“Today you are you – that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is you-ER than you.”
-Dr. Suess

Though I didn’t realize it, my sister told me Dr. Suess Day was last week, Wednesday, March 2. Along with giving me that little tid-bit of information, she also gave me a great quote and her personal insight on what today’s Dr. Suess verse means to her!

“You may not know but the other day was Dr. Suess Day, and it brought up some great quotes – this happened to be my favorite. Sometimes it’s not easy to stick to your guns and go against the ‘norm.’ It’s much easier to just do what everyone else does to avoid criticism or feeling left out. But like the doctor says, “nobody is you-ER than you,” and it’s okay to be different. I’m the most comfortable being me, so you either love me or hate me, and I’m okay with that. Sometimes things that were written for five-year-olds still make the most sense.”

Certainly an adorable piece of advice put to a memorable rhyme, Dr. Suess does bring up a wonderful point. Yesterday, today, tomorrow, the next and the next day you will be you. Years down the road you will be you. In fact, there will never be a day of your life that you will be anyone but yourself. You may put on different masks and make decisions that aren’t necessarily your character, but ultimately, it’s still you. Just like it always will be.

So, learn to love the person you are! And be thee best person you can be. You know why? Because no one else on this planet can be any more you-ER than YOU!


Bit of Happy #111: More Wonderful Still

1 Mar

Today’s quote, shared by Greg, sounds the beat of a slightly different Little Bit of Happy drum. Nonetheless, it’s a great quote, and certainly one that we all can learn a little something from. And that to me makes for a ‘worthy of sharing’ quote! Despite his approach to writing on a whim – “I’m am planning to just type, not really thinking as I go” – what follows is a beautifully natural-written piece. So I’d like to thank Greg the moon, the stars and the world for taking the time to share his thoughts and opinions on this quote. I hope everyone enjoys this unique interpretation of Buechner’s quote as much as I did.


“When I first read this quote, I was a bit worried that it may leave an impression to not try new things or overcome obstacles on your own. With the possible interpretation of negativity, I – at first – was afraid that this may not be a little bit of happy. But thinking now, I feel like I can spin the last bit of this quote into something inspirational and happy.

Trying to get by on your own strength in life instead of reaching out to others when you need support will make each step in life a struggle. Missing out on that growth of trusting, but the hardness that going through life alone requires will wear you out. Unfortunately, this is something I do often. I hate asking for help, and for some reason, I feel like if I am able to accomplish something on my own I will come out stronger. However, being resistant towards the love and care from others never gets anyone anywhere.

Steeling yourself against reality can also come in the form of not showing emotion. Society has ingrained in us, men especially, that showing emotion is the equivalent of showing weakness. A man who feels he has mastered his emotions also believes he has overcome all weakness and achieved strength. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Really, he is just emotionally void and cannot experience life or relationships as they are meant. Again… I am guilty of this too.

People shield themselves from the world by not giving their forgiveness. Others make mistakes. We are all human; no one is so perfect that one cannot harm someone emotionally or physically. If someone hurts you, are you really going to shut him or her out, cut off some portion of yourself to them, or just move on from them altogether? Who are you to make such a judgment when you yourself have harmed others just the same?

The commonality of all of these actions is that the person not asking for help, being apathetic, and never giving their forgiveness is the one missing out. That person is missing out on learning a solution to one of their problems, a chance to be the emotional being that we are made to be, and the chance to find resolution and a rekindled relationship. On the other hand, we can just say it like it is in the quote, you are not allowing yourself to be opened up and transformed.

Life will be far more rewarding, have far more love, and have many more strong relationships if people are able to just be who they are without trying to show they’re stronger than emotion, stronger than another person, or stronger than life itself.

This quote is most relevant when it comes to relationships with the people we love. If you cannot submit to some emotions, admit you need help, or forgive others, your relationships will not be as meaningful or as fruitful as they can be. Not only will the relationship suffer, but so will you. You will be missing out of more love, grace, humility, mercy, and companionship than you could ever imagine.

Life is not worth living as the Lone Ranger trying to save the day with his silver bullet. When you are in trouble, sound the alarm, have those you love come to your aid. Show your emotions; people want to see them. Show those that you love that you love them. Finally, forgive those who hurt you. You’re not as strong when you are own as you would be with someone loving at your side. And when you realize that, life will be… more wonderful still.

Bit of Happy #93: Our Mission In Life

3 Feb

Ashley, from Laurel, MD, was nice enough to share one of her favorite quotes with Little Bits of Happy today! From the show Felicity, Sally Reardon’s character shares these words with a student of hers who she holds close to her heart. Despite the fact that I’ve never seen the show personally, Ashley was able to put together a great back story of the show before sharing her personal thoughts about the quote:

Felicity is about a girl (played by Keri Russell) who changes her college plans to follow a high school crush to New York where he is going to college. During the first two seasons, Felicity sends audiotapes to a former teacher, Sally, from back home because they grew close over the years. In the audiotapes, Felicity shares experiences of her new life in New York. Near the end of each episode, the teacher sends a tape back, and the viewer hears Sally’s response over the closing scene. Despite the distance between them, these tapes seem to close the gap and present the opportunity for personal reflection and meaningful conversation.

And before I get into her personal thoughts on the quote, I just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Ashley for submitting your quote. It means the world to me and is what will ultimately give Little Bits of Happy the power it needs to make a difference!

There are a lot of great quotes about life and love in the show Felicity. One of my favorites is:

“I guess when your heart gets broken, you sort of start to see the cracks in everything. I’m convinced that tragedy wants to harden us, and that our mission is to never let it.” – Sally Reardon

I love this quote because it has a lot of strength in it. It’s true that when something unfortunate happens, whether it is unrequited love or the loss of something, you tend see the world differently after that experience. It happens to everyone, and we can’t always control it. It’s our reaction to what happens that really matters.

(I just realized that the last statement is like another one of Sally’s quotes from the show, “I guess I’m learning, little by little, that we decide what our lives are going to be. Things happen to us, but it is our reactions that matter.”) I really love this show, in case you couldn’t already tell!

People should try to find peace with whatever hardship comes along. In the end, it  will make them that much stronger. I think it relates to your theme of “Little Bits of Happy,” because it describes a willingness to stay strong and never let negativity or tragedy take control of us or our lives. I think it’s also about understanding and realizing that it’s not your fault.

Bit of Happy #72: Looking Back

22 Dec

Today’s quote was submitted by my mother, Christine (very informally might I add). She would never be able to figure out how to download the Submit A Quote form, nor fill it out, nor send it as an attachment back to me! Therefore, I did all the grunt work; being computer savvy was a gift never passed to her through the world of technology. But that’s okay, because after an INCREDIBLY hectic day, she provided me with a quote – and a very good one at that!

When my mom got home from work tonight, she came in my room with a piece of paper in her hand – small and torn. She handed it to me, and in her handwriting was this quote written by Robert Brault.

“Thought you might like this for your blog,” she said with a grin, proud of her thoughtfulness.

I read it over and looked up to her, a smile tugging at my lips. “You’re right. I love it! Thank you.”

And from there, today’s inspiration was born!!!!

Decorating the Christmas Tree

As something we should all keep in mind, this quote brings up a great point. The insight into what is truly important in life – not always the big things – we are encouraged to take a moment each day and smell the roses, or feel the breeze through your hair or the warmth of the sun on your skin.

One of the little things in life that I tend to appreciate the most is the turn of each season. Not only do I love the physical changes each season offers – the beautiful colors of the turning leaves, the budding flowers of early spring, the falling snowflakes of winter, and the growing cornstalks of summer – but I also love the things I can’t see.

The little things that we must close our eyes to fully experience. Like the dewey, fresh smell of spring, or the crisp, autumn coolness that bites at your nose. Like the sounds of summer birds dipping and diving through the air, or the howling of the winter wind at my window as night falls.

If you’ve never taken a moment to take in your surroundings (which hopefully is not the case, but if it is), take that second or two. Or even a few minutes. In the summer, lay out a blanket and stare up at the clouds floating by. Or in the winter, cuddle up next to a fire and listen to the crackle of the burning wood. It’s never too late to pay attention to the little things in life. It’s never too late to appreciate them.

What are some of the little things you appreciate?

What are some of the little things that you may be missing out on? Or that you don’t take enough time to appreciate?

Bit of Happy #47: Heartbreak Optimism

17 Nov

Jaclyn Rae, “expressive and curious,” started a blog at the end of October with similar aspirations to Little Bits of Happy – to share positivity and optimism through personal growth, experiences and thoughts. Always happy to spread the word and show readers other inspiring blogs, check out Jaclyn Rae’s Blog whenever you get a chance. In fact, when I first found her blog and flipped through some of her entries, I came across this quote by her father. I asked her if she’d be interested in sharing the quote with Little Bits of Happy and maybe some of her thoughts and memories of when her father gave her this advice. And obviously, she agreed and was actually thrilled to do so. So, thank you, Jaclyn Rae for sharing your quote – or well, your dad’s. Nonetheless, THANK YOU!

“Half Of My Heart.”
This is a photograph I took today actually. Applied a
filter in Photoshop – t
hought it looked cooler that way.


“This is the advice my dad gave me when my boyfriend and I broke up recently. My dad taught me that, no matter how someone else treats me, I need to love others. He is absolutely right! As soon as I started thinking about others before myself, my heart healed a lot faster.”


Jaclyn Rae’s father gives great insight into what love is truly about and accepting that who we thought might be perfect for us in the beginning may turn out not to be. His words teach us to be a little less selfish and a little more mindful of the best interest of others. As he says, love is always patient, kind and altruistic. Put others before yourself, and that is when you will begin to experience true love. Certainly throughout life, there will be times where we may not want to let the other go for the sake of our own contentment, but we know that is what’s best for the one we love. If true love exists in the relationship, you will find yourself making selfless decisions.

What advice can you take from Jaclyn Rae’s quote? Does this quote inspire you to adopt a different approach to life?

Are there other situations this quote can be applied to other than Break-Ups?


Bit of Happy #42: Let It Shine

10 Nov

Tracy, a coworker of mine, was nice enough to share one of her many favorite quotes with us. There are different versions of this quote, so I went with the one she submitted to me by Nelson Mandela. Tracy is an outgoing, full-of-life and passionate mother who is looking to ‘recycle her twenties’ – meaning going out there and living the experiences that she hasn’t gotten around to experiencing. From learning a new language to gambling in Vegas, you can follow Tracy on her amazing journey through her new blog, The Tracy Experiment. It’s a new beginning for her, a fresh start, a new chapter on life that she has yet to write. Travel with her through every step of the way in a fun loving and adventurous writing style. Don’t miss out on this great read!

The morning sun melting away the night’s frost.

Interestingly enough, I’d come across this quote one night while watching the tail end of ‘Coach Carter.’ I was so intrigued by this quote that I Googled it after the movie ended. I think that’s where the different versions come into play. Regardless, the meaning still shines through like sun’s rays slicing through evening clouds. And that is this…

Everyone is different. An individual. Two people may certainly be alike, but never identical. And because of this individuality, we each have different strengths – powers beyond measure. You are your biggest threat to reaching success. Your fears are your biggest doubt keeping you from enlightenment. Only you hold yourself back. And with this knowledge, what now will you do?

Shine! That’s what you’ll do. Shine with all your might. All your strength. Let all of your talents break through the clouds and shine on everyone around you. Don’t hide who you are. Take pride in your strengths and use them to serve the world around you. Your determination to be the best person you can be will not place condescending shadows on others, but instead will encourage them to do the same – shine! If the whole world brought out the best in others and in return, themselves, think where we could be today…

Powerful beyond measure.

Bit of Happy #36: Make Mistakes

2 Nov

Reese, a close friend of mine, claims not to be much of a writer, so he left it open for me to write most of the entry. However, he did add in his two cents, and what the quote meant to him personally. Thanks again for submitting a quote, Reese. Means the world!

Reese and I when he was visiting from Australia

“I just reckon it’s a good thought. It’s okay to make mistakes, but we need to learn from them. Mistakes lead us to greater experience in life. Life shouldn’t be spent wrapped in the safety of the known. We need to push into the unknown, enjoy it and learn a thing or two.”


Easy going and adventurous, Reese is one of those people that I will forever hold close to my heart. There aren’t enough words in the world to say about him. He and I met when he was visiting the States (as he would say) for a cousin’s wedding. He was only in for a few more days after we first met, and there was no way I was falling for a guy who lived on the other side of the world. He left with a twinge of heartache – not knowing the next time he’d see me. I, on the other hand, had protected my heart against any type of butterflies I could possibly feel for him – or so I thought.

Long story short, he slowly reeled me in. We grew close – from friendship to a little more. We talked through email and on Skype all the time. That was pretty much all I had – we had. I found so much passion about life and travel in his eyes. He would tell me story after story about living in Australia and what it was like – he still does. I had stars in my eyes. Before I knew it, I was in deeper than I every wanted to be. He was coming back the following summer for another wedding, but that was a year away!

He was always encouraging me to try new things and not live in fear of making mistakes. He was always outside, going on ridiculous adventures during his holidays. He wanted me on a plane to Australia as soon as I had the money. I even looked into studying abroad a semester, but I wouldn’t have been able to graduate on time. So, we left things open. The only fair thing to do. Neither of us wanted the other to miss out on opportunities with other people. We were both in agreement that if someone came along, we wanted to let the other explore that chance. At the same time, there was a part of me that didn’t want someone else to come along.

We were each others’ comfort, and at the same time, our long distance relationship made us feel even more lonely at times. We would sit on Skype and wish somehow one of us could be on the other side of the computer screen. Just to touch his face, hold his hand, hug him, kiss him… The experience certainly made me realize that I would never take the little things for granted in any relationship that may bud in the future.

Do I regret the time I spent with him? Not for one second.
Do I regret giving him a piece of my heart? Not for one second.
Do I regret waiting for him to come back the following summer? Not for one second.

Those few weeks were some of the best days of my life. Days that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Memories that will last forever. I felt so alive. He got me to try things I would never dream about doing. He brought out the spontaneous, carefree side of me – the best side of me. Before he came the following summer, I contemplated even seeing him. I was afraid I’d fall in love with him and bury a deep, dark hole when it came time for him to leave. But I took that chance. I risked making that mistake.

Was it hard having him leave? Yes. It was one of the most difficult good-byes I’ve ever had to say (well, not good-bye – see ya). I never say good-bye. If there’s one phrase I hate, it’s that.

Anyway, the point is… I tried something new. I took a chance that I was hesitant to take, and he ended up bringing out the best in me. And when it came time for him to leave and go back to Australia, our relationship was so free and happy that not even him going back to the other side of the world was going to squander that. Not to mention, I think a big part of me not grabbing a shovel and starting the dig to my deep, dark hole was the fact that it was our norm. Being apart was our norm. As much as we hated to admit it, as much as we cherished every moment we could spend together… we both knew that he belonged in Australia. And I belonged here.

The distance is ultimately what made us separate enough that we could remain close friends, while living out the lives we were meant to without holding back. It was difficult, but gradual. It was necessary. I didn’t want to take him out of Australia as much as I knew I couldn’t leave the States. So, there was only one mature and logical thing that we could do. The only problem was… hearts are blind to things realistic. My heart will always have a special place for him. My mind will always have a tiny thought of ‘What if things were different…’


I wasn’t surprised for a moment when I read the quote Reese chose to share. It shows so much about him in just a short phrase. He’s a great person with the whole world reflecting in his eyes. He’s someone I’m sure I’ll mention again and share more stories about because some of my happiest and best moments were spent while with him. Some of my greatest times of growth were spent while with him. Some of the biggest realizations and dreams of life were recognized while with him. And even now that we’ve taken the level of a friendship, he still has the power to make me smile no matter what the circumstances. No matter what the stress. No matter what new boy I’m crying over. No matter what the obstacle or challenge I’m facing. He encourages me to get up every morning with a smile on my face and the optimism to try something new. And even though you never know when that chance may surely turn into a mistake, it could also very well turn into something quite perfect.

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