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Bit of Happy #114: It’s All About The Money

4 Mar

“Life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you wish, but you only spend it once.”
-Lillian Dickson


Normally, I wouldn’t like the value of life being compared to money, but when it comes to today’s quote, I think it’s quite brilliant. Like looking through a piece of glass, the truth lies crystal clear on the other side. And the reality of it is that you can spend this life any way you’d like. You can be whatever you want to be. Do whatever you want to do. But… yes, there is a but…

You can only spend it once. You’ve only got one shot to make it happen. Once chance to make this journey worthwhile. And just like money, once it’s gone, there’s no going back. This is the very reason that so many of Little Bits of Happy quotes are pushing me, and now you, to strive for your dreams. When the going gets tough, keep going. When it seems like the sun will never rise on tomorrow… have a little faith.

Life is so precious, much more so than money will ever be, but when it comes to today’s analogy, it couldn’t be any more true.

Happy Friday!!!


Bit of Happy #102: Never The Same

16 Feb

“The sun truly “comes up like thunder” and it sets just as fast. Each sunrise and sunset lasts only a few seconds. But in that time you see at least eight different bands of color come and go, from a brilliant red to the brightest and deepest blue. And you see sixteen sunrises and sixteen sunsets every day you’re in space. No sunrise or sunset is ever the same.”
-Joseph Allen, Astronaut, USA

This past weekend, I probably had the best Valentine’s date EVER. Planned completely by him, the evening started at the planetarium. Being able to share this experience with him – new for me, but a longtime passion of his – definitely brought us closer. To see him shine, to see his happiness – it was certainly contagious. I love nothing more than trying something new with an amazing person at my side.

You all know how much I stress the importance of embracing new experiences. And if you don’t know that, you’ll find that my quotes tend to ring a similar bell. The reason for this is HUGE! And I know you are all dying to know that reason! It’s because… I had an amazing time! I learned something, embraced a new experience. I can’t even describe how incredible it was to look up and see the entire night sky above me – especially since I haven’t been able to spend much time outside because of the cold weather. It was a wonderful change of pace, leaving me to anticipate an early arrival of spring. Not only that, but I imagine not having that experience and realizing I’d truly be missing out.

Anyway, as we were waiting in line to enter the planetarium, there was a huge wall of different facts about the planets and stars with breathtaking imagery. There were also various quotes from astronauts and other famous people contributing their lives to science. I came across this one quote and absolutely fell in love with it. I asked him take a picture with his “almighty” iPhone, (since my phone is in the shop, lol) so I could share it on Little Bits of Happy. So, thank youuuu for that!

Not only did this quote plant vivid imagery of what the world traveling around the sun may look like, but it also brought life into perspective. There’s a kind of magic in this quote. A magic that I never really thought of before that moment. I’ve never really wondered what the sky looks like as the sun is rising and setting in space. It’s so beautiful when standing with my two feet on the ground, that I couldn’t imagine it getting more stunning.  In ways, I feel like it’s unfathomable unless you experience it first hand. How lucky are astronauts for getting to witness this magic? Sixteen sunrises and sixteen sunsets – all in one day.

In those moments of reading this quote for the first time, I found myself wanting to read it again as soon as I finished. And again. And again. Each time I read over the words, a new meaning seemed to take flight in my mind. I held on to the very last line – “No sunrise or sunset is ever the same.” In life, each day is a new one. No day is ever exactly the same.

And in many ways, each day “comes up like thunder.” And when looking at the big picture, a day seems to “last only a few seconds.” It can seem to go by with the blink of an eye. But it’s moments like this that are beautiful – “a brilliant red to the brightest and deepest blue.” It’s sharing and experiencing those moments with people who truly care about you, who will cherish those memories just the same.

You know, I was thinking the other day… if I live to be 100 years old, I will have lived 36,500 days. And I don’t know if that sounds like a lot to you, but it just doesn’t seem like enough to me. And even though I probably can’t buy many more and will most likely get even less, there’s only one thing I can do. And that’s live! Live each and every day to its absolute fullest. To take time to watch the sunset every once in a while. To feel the warm breeze on my skin and through my hair. To appreciate the change of seasons. To make mistakes, learn from them and grow every chance I get. To take a leap of faith and not be afraid. To put my trust into someone. To love unconditionally with my whole heart. And if I can do all of those things, then I will have made the most of my 36,500 days… Or how ever many I am lucky enough to be given.

I hope you like today’s quote as much as I do! It’s definitely different than most of mine, but I love the way it stands out from the rest!

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