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Bit of Happy #35: Leave Your Mark

1 Nov

A photograph I took for my Black & White Photography class in college.

“We are born into the world like a blank canvas, and every person that crosses our path takes up the brush and makes their mark upon our surface, so it is that we develop. But we must realize that there comes a day that we must take up the brush and finish the work. For only we can determine if we are to be just another painting or a masterpiece.”

So uplifting and motivating. It paints a picture of the path that life travels. In the beginning – a white canvas is born. Pure. Innocent. Untouched. With each passing day, those who grow close to you will forever leave a mark on your canvas – some warm reds and yellows and others cool blues and purples. Some marks will last and go on forever and some may be abruptly severed. Some strokes will overlap with others, and may one day smooth over the underlying mark completely.

But no matter what effect others have on you – it is ultimately your choice how you live your life. It is ultimately your choice if you are strong or weak. It is ultimately your choice if you stay optimistic about the future or let the past drag down your spirits. The brush is in your hands to finish the work. Your life is in your hands to make it what you want. Live it the way you want.

So what is your choice? Will you be just another painting? Or, will you look at the marks others have left on your life and find a way to turn it into a masterpiece?



How Will You Give Something Beautiful to the World?

13 Sep

Earlier today, I was thinking of how to start this blog – what my first entry should be like. It’s always hard to start something new. To make the first mark on a blank canvas. But when it comes down to it, this entry isn’t going to have much meaning or overall impact on the blog. Not at all, really. It’s only going to be the first stroke of many that will end up part of  a beautiful masterpiece. It may be the stroke that is covered by the rest, or the one that stands out the most. But the canvas will always remain blank if you’re too afraid to pick up the brush and start.

So, How will I give something beautiful to the world?

I started with this collection of quotes. A few years back, I was inspired to jot down these precious snippets in a small notebook as I stumbled upon them. Attached to these quotes are memories, feelings and inspirations of my past… These quotes have woven into the very threads of my life.

My intention with this blog is to share my little bits of happy on a larger scale. Friends and family would come over and flip through the collection and each of them would fall in love with different ones. They were touched by the quotes in different ways. So I started thinking – how can I share them with lots of people?

Thinking about what quotes have done for me… What if I could help others feel the same way, simply by sharing. These are the quotes that have given me hope in times of doubt, that have given me courage in times of diffident. Out of this blog, I want to bring hope and joy in the lives of others. I want to help raise people out of the despair or uncertainty in their lives. Put a smile on a frowning face. To give something beautiful to the world, even if it’s only one life that breathes easier…

So,with all that said… Welcome to Little Bits of Happy.

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